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Environmental Solution

O U R   C O M M I T M E N T

Improving efficiency is about executing things well. The K-Solv Group takes a focused and strategic approach to growing our service offering while adding companies that help us better perform our processes. With several of our companies offering emergency response services, we must dedicate time to creating policies and procedures that allow us to do so efficiently and effectively.

Our employees are our most valuable resource, and safety is the essence of our management philosophy. Our management team believes that each employee has the responsibility and accountability to make the safety of the general public, ourselves, and our customers a basic concern. This objective is fundamental to the efficient operation of our business.

The K-Solv Group has grown exponentially since 2017, acquiring three companies in four years, each of which provides a complimentary service to K-Solv Group’s turnkey operating solutions. Our management team focuses on sourcing companies to expand this strategy as we grow. Identifying our specific objectives and creating a roadmap to achieve them forms the backbone for all corporate initiatives.

The K-Solv Group is committed to being a leader in Environmental Health and Safety by protecting the environment through the conservation of resources, complying with all applicable legal and moral requirements that apply to all our operations, as well as protecting our most valuable assets – our people.

Protecting the environment and our surrounding communities is our continuous commitment, and we work closely with suppliers and our customers to eliminate product waste. We practice recycling our materials and utilize recycled materials whenever possible across our business processes.

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