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Elite Automation is a premier provider ofResidential and Commercial Automation. Elite providesa fluid interface with thousandsoffeatures and interactions to simplify your life. From alarm systems to surveillance cameras to climate control, etc. It’s modern, intuitive,and fun to use!Enjoy control like you’ve never experienced before.


“Elite believes reliable Networks play a crucial role in our lives now—and even more so in the future. By providing reliable Internet connectivity to our customer’s homes and businesses, Eliteempowersits clients the ability to access a world-class platformandreliably do the things they want to dowhile enjoyingthe many benefits of today’s technology.”


Tomorrow is here! There are so many incredible developments in audio-video technology.Elite is devotedto staying on top of technology and bringingitsclients superior products and service. Beyond the installation, Elite takes the time to ensure all clients not only have the best A/V gear—but understand how to use itas well!


Elite provides innovative and cutting-edge technology that enables itscustomers the ability to protect the things they care about most —their families, homes,and businesses. Eliteoffersthe best in security, intelligent automation,and dependable service.


Manage your residential or commercial property via a user-friendly website or app! With the ability to monitor video, entrance points, and energy, Elite Automation gives you powerful control at your fingertips!



Case Jordan has always been the “audio guy”, with a strong interest in car audio and surround sound. After finishing highschool,a family member connected Case with a friend who installed home theaters. Case worked for this friend for nearly 4 years and absolutely thrived in the environment.

It was around that time, and at the ripe age of 22, Case began to see automation technology emerge in both the Residential and Commercial sectors. Case began to study the “ins and outs” of automation. He excelled at it and became an expert in the field. So,with his relationships, reputation and newfoundexpertise in hand, Case ventured out and started his own company. To his delight, we didn’t need to market his new company; his clients sought him out. From this point forward, there was no turning back.